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Damages For Being Detained in Immigration Detention Centre

The Claimant, Mr Zia Tarakhil, claimed damages for false imprisonment and wrongful detention in the Immigration Detention Centre. Mr Tarakhil, arrived in the UK on 19 May 2008 as an minor and was granted permission to remain in the United Kingdom until 31st March 2011. He applied for an extension of that leave which was pending when he witnessed the homicide of his friend. His application was refused by the.. Read More

Prospective Adopters Excluded From Care Order Hearing

        A couple who had expected to adopt a baby boy they had fostered have been excluded from the ongoing care proceedings. The biological parents made it clear that they were unable to care for the baby. On the day after his birth, they agreed to him being placed with the foster carers. They had agreed to foster the baby with a view to adoption and the.. Read More

The Local Authority Has Taken My Child Away and I Want To Appeal

    When a court grants a Care Order, the Local Authority is given responsibility of looking after the child. There are circumstances where a parent may disagree with the court’s decision and seek to challenge it.   Appeal If you believe that the judge placing your child under the care of the local authority was wrong either about the facts of your case or how those facts were applied.. Read More

High Court Says Woman Should Return To The UK To Her Attend Hearing

      A female claimant, who remains anonymous for legal reasons, was deported from the United Kingdom on 25th October 2013, to her country of origin, after an injunction seeking to prevent her removal, was refused by the court. The Claimant’s application challenging her deportation order was certified as being without merits on 18th October 2013. This means that any appeal rights she was entitled to would have to.. Read More

Unlawfully Detained

    The Court of Appeal was asked to decide upon the unlawful detention of Mr F, a Morroccan national who had expressed in 2009, a wish to be returned to his country of origin. It took the Home Office two years to make removal arrangements and for an emergency travel document to be issued by the Morocco authorities. During his detention, Mr F made several applications to be released.. Read More

From Adoption Back to Biological Family

    A 14 year old girl, referred to as PK, made an application to revoke her adoption, and change her surname to that of her biological mother. PK was placed into adoption when she was just four years old. Two years later, her adoptive parents, Mr and Mrs K, sent her to Ghana to live with their extended family. She returned to the United Kingdom in July 2014 and.. Read More

How far should the State Accommodate Parental Responsibility?

      This is the case of two families who had been arrested at a UK airport on suspicion of intending to ultimately travel to Syria, a country currently at war with parts controlled by the terrorist organisations. Pending the investigation of the criminal case, the children were removed from their parents and put into the care of foster parents. The families argued in a family court that the.. Read More

Change in law: Female Genital Mutilation

    Last month (July 2015) the law relating to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) was extended to give wider powers to stop FGM being committed abroad. The Serious Crime Act 2015 amended parts of the Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003. The problem identified with the law was in relation to FGM practiced outside the UK jurisdiction. As the law stood, it was prohibited for a UK national or a permanent.. Read More

University Student Loan Incompatible With Convention Rights.

Should a person living in the United Kingdom without permanent residence get a university loan? That is the question the court was asked recently. The policy to qualify for a university loan provides that a student must (1) be resident in England at the start of the academic year, (2) be lawfully resident for at least three years before the start of the course and (3) be settled in the United Kingdom,.. Read More

Somali Journalist at Risk of Persecution

  A Somali journalist was told by the Upper Tier Tribunal (Asylum and Immigration Chamber) that he does not have to change his profession to avoid persecution in Somalia. A country plagued by attacks towards journalists from both Al-Shabaab and Government agents alike. The 29 year old who remains anonymous, initially worked as a teacher in Somalia and later changed his career to journalism, broadcasting for a radio station. The.. Read More