If you have made an asylum application and it is still being considered or you have an appeal pending with the Immigration Asylum Chamber, or you have made a fresh claim or Judicial Review application, then you may be entitled to financial support and / or temporary accommodation. This is known as NASS support and is provided by the Home Office.

There are different types of support provided by NASS

Section 95 Support

You will be eligible for Section 95 NASS support if your asylum application is still being considered or if you have appealed the decision, you will continue to receive this support while your appeal is pending.

This is temporary support and if you are granted asylum the support will come to an end 28 days after you receive the decision. At that point you will be entitled to work or claim benefits, depending on your circumstance.

If you are refused asylum, you will receive a letter informing you that your NASS support will be stopped after 21 days. However, you may be entitled to Section 4 Support. See below.

Section 4 Support

You are eligible for Section 4 Support if your asylum application has been refused and :-

  • You have made Further Representations for Asylum or Human Rights;
  • You have made a Judicial Review application;
  • There are exceptional compassionate circumstances why you should be given temporary accommodation;
  • You are unfit to travel. This means that you have a medical condition preventing you from travelling. You will need to provide a medical letter proving this;
  • The Home Office say that there is an unsafe route of return to your country;
  • You have agreed to leave the United Kingdom voluntarily and are taking steps to do so. You will need to sign the voluntary return from and prove that you are making arrangements.


If your NASS support has been refused or stopped, you can appeal the decision at the  First-tier Tribunal (Asylum Support) but you must appeal within 3 days. You may be entitled to carry on receiving the support whist you appeal the decision.

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