Understand Your Legal Rights

I’m In a Detention Centre, When Can I Get Out?

You can ask to be released from the Immigration Detention Centre by applying for bail. You can apply for bail to, the Immigration Tribunal, you will need to complete a form known as B1, and will be given a date for your bail hearing to decide if you should be granted bail. The hearing will usually be done by video link, where you will be able to see the judge.. Read More

The Home Office Has Refused to Take In Some of My Supporting Letters for a Fresh Claim, What should I Do?

When you are making a fresh claim, the Home Office staff should take all the documents you provide, by way of supporting evidence. If you are making the application yourself, you should include a cover letter setting out all the documents enclosed. Should the Home Office refuse to accept a certain document in your application that you consider to be relevant to your case, you should first speak to them… Read More